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From Sue C. in Chicago, IL

November 11, 2016

When our ALS nurse told me about your product, I got on your website to get more information, mainly about the cost. I was surprised how expensive it was. But my husband who is in a power wheelchair was having more and more trouble drinking out of his plastic cup with a straw. I knew it was extremely important for patients with ALS (PALS) to keep hydrated, and I was giving him drinks of water myself. We talked it over and decided to go ahead and purchase the mug with a 32" straw and the holder.

I'm writing this because I want you to know that the cost was well worth it! I'm impressed with so many things. First the packaging, although a little over the top, was top quality and protective of the straw. The cup is sturdy and attractive. Secondly, I had no trouble attaching it to his wheelchair using the rubber strips you provided. But most importantly, the engineering that went into this mug is phenomenal! I love how the mug balances on the counter after I filled it and put the top and straw attachment on. Also I had assumed he would have trouble sucking water up through such a long straw, but that wasn't the case. I got back on your site and read about how you have altered the pressure to make it easy! Also, I can measure how much water he takes in a day, because I know exactly how many times I have filled the mug. Lastly, this has saved me, his caregiver, a tremendous amount of time. And he feels much more independent.

We were cyclists for many many years. I had a rear view mirror attached to my helmet that used the same design as your straw, and I know how sturdy it is. I know we will be using this mug for a long time! I have told patients in our support group about the Fleximug. You can use my testimonial to help other potential buyers know about it's functions. Thanks so much for creating this!

Sue C.
Chicago, IL USA