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Our Story

Our story

We've always had a higher purpose.

From the very beginning, our objective as a company was always clear: people with severe disabilities need – and deserve – everything we can adapt, cobble-together and invent, to empower them and tangibly improve the quality of their lives. In our case, it's a patented hands-free drinking aid that is truly superior to any other on the market, and a unique bedside table that creates possibilities where before there were only inconveniences. For us, can-do trumps can't-do every time.

We sincerely hope that Fleximug and Flexistand will help to change your life for the better, helping you regain a measure of personal independence and productivity you once thought beyond your grasp.

Here's to never needing assistance to take a drink again.



Born from the heart, because we knew the heartache.

For us, this was no clinical trial with distant anonymous sufferers – it couldn't have been more personal. We understood Fleximug's real value because we lived with the need.

My mother suffered from the ravages of Multiple Sclerosis for more than 30 years, as cheerfully, gracefully, and bravely as could be expected of anyone. But as time passed, she became increasingly dependent on others – for virtually everything.

Those with physical disabilities, their families, and their caregivers can understand the heartbreak, what became our all-consuming determination to build a better mousetrap. Better hydration equates to better overall health, but beyond that is something truly precious:

Independence is the greatest gift.

Many years ago, working with my father, an electrical engineer, we embarked upon a journey to build and perfect what, until that time, hadn't even existed. For two years we created countless rounds of 3D prototypes, going back to the drawing board on many occasions, incorporating feedback, and sparing no expense to get it right.

Our parent company is our mom

We were encouraged by my mother every step of the way. She urged us to never give up, because we had given her the greatest gift of all – the gift of independence – to simply take a drink without assistance from a nurse or caregiver. So often in life, it's the little victories that bring the most heart-felt celebrations. We are confident that you will love Fleximug, that it will change your life for the better, and soon.

To us, the greater good matters.

According to statistics compiled by the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, nearly one in 50 of us suffer from paralysis – approximately six million people in the US alone. Causes of paralysis range from autoimmune and neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebral Palsy, to spinal cord and brain injuries, birth defects, and stroke. The medical costs are simply staggering, dwarfed only by the incalculable human costs of dashed hopes, interrupted lives, and learning to live with limited mobility. Our mission is to help, and our response is guided by our values.

Three simple ideas brighten and guide every day:

Choose to make lemonade.

Be prepared for unexpected hardships and bend obstacles into opportunities.

Resolve to never cut corners.

Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. Give your best every day.

Remember to enjoy the ride.

Every day on Earth is a gift to be cherished and used wisely.


David Cardell

Founder and CEO