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Fleximug shipper
Not all mugs are created equal.

Smart design, really smart

Beyond beautiful - and even smarter on the inside - with patented features working together brilliantly.

Quality materials, built to last

Made from BPA-free stainless and food-grade plastics, Fleximug is virtually bulletproof, easy to use and care for.

No mug is easier to use and love

Designed and assembled in the US, Fleximug has been years in the making.

Travel-ready to go anywhere

Easy-to-detach straws stay put in any position - Fleximug fits everywhere.

Never leaks or spills a drop

Auto-close air vent makes the mug 100% leak-proof without the straw.

Fleximug w/ Flexistand - Combo
Live with more independence.

We're here to help.

Not to complicate your life, hoping that Fleximug and Flexistand change your life for the better, helping you regain a measure of personal independence you once thought beyond your grasp, enabling easier mobility and engagement with your world.

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Fleximug w/ Flexistand - Combo