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Who is Fleximug for?

Fleximug is a patented hands-free drinking aid designed to improve the lives of those with MS, ALS, quadriplegia, or other physical disabilities.

How do I use Fleximug?

Before first use, wash all parts in warm, sudsy water, rinse and dry. Rinse the lid, mug and straw after each use. To connect the flexible straw, push the straw down onto the lid until you hear an audible "click". The push-to-connect design makes the straws easy to clean and interchangeable. With your Fleximug mounted to a wheelchair or bed, position the straw so you can take a drink anytime, without assistance. Full assembly and cleaning details are available in our catalog at:

How do I clean the straw?

All straws include an 18-inch tube brush for easy cleaning. To clean the straw, insert the brush through each end, and rinse with hot, soapy tap water.

Is Fleximug dishwasher safe?

Yes. The lid, flexible straw, and 20 oz. stainless steel mug are top-rack dishwasher safe. You can also wash Fleximug by hand using detergent and water, as you would with other kitchenware.

How do I wash Fleximug by hand?

To wash by hand, soak the lid and straw for 10 minutes in hot, soapy tap water. Hand wash the stainless steel mug in warm water and mild detergent.

What is the maximum temperature for liquid inside the mug and straw?

The maximum working temperature for all components (mug, lid, and straw) is 180°F / 82°C.

How long will fluids stay hot or cold?

The insulated stainless steel mug is designed to keep liquid hot for 7 hours and cold for 18 hours.

Are the straws replaceable?

Yes, the straws are interchangeable and replaceable. We offer 16", 24", 28", 32", and 36" straw-length options.

How much do the replacement straws cost?

Current prices are available on the Pricing page:

How do you measure the straw sizes?

Straw sizes are measured in inches from "tip to tip", i.e. from the base of the straw (which connects to the Lid) to the tip that reaches the user's mouth. Straw sizes do not include the height of the stainless steel mug. An example measurement of the 16" Straw is shown below:

Which straw size is best for my application?

The 16", 24", and 28" straws are suitable for mounting near your armrest or upper body; the longer 32" or 36" straws are better for use in bed or when mounting near the ankles on some wheelchairs. It may be slightly more difficult to drink from the longer straws due to the force of gravity, so we recommend using the shortest straw length that's suitable for your application. Remember to always mount Fleximug below your mouth.

Where can I purchase the larger 24 oz mug?

24 oz. mugs are available separately on Amazon and Ebay. Longer interior straws are available here: For details on how to replace the Lid interior straw, see Installation Instructions - Lid Assembly below.

Amazon link:
Ebay link:

Mounting Examples

Mounting Examples for Fleximug

TiLite® chair mounting locations

Permobil® chair mounting locations

Fleximug Recommendations & Precautions

Always mount Fleximug below your mouth

There's a one-way valve built into the lid that regulates air pressure and makes Fleximug easy to drink from, but if the mug is placed above your mouth, the straw becomes a siphon; once liquid starts flowing it keeps flowing. You can reverse the flow by blowing back into the straw, but to prevent yourself from potentially getting soaked, always mount Fleximug below your mouth. If you have any problems with leakage immediately after taking a sip, try tilting the mouth-end of the straw upwards to make use of gravity.

Wash / rinse Fleximug after each use

The mug, lid, and straw are top-rack dishwasher safe, but between dishwashings we recommend that you rinse out all parts to prevent any buildup of residue. If you use Fleximug with sugary beverages, the connection between the lid and straw can become sticky over time. To prevent stickiness, clean all parts regularly.

Be careful with carbonated beverages

If you use Fleximug with carbonated beverages or sodas, make sure to release any built-up air pressure inside the mug before attaching the straw. If you attach the straw to the lid while air pressure is trapped inside the mug, then fluid may squirt out of the straw. To prevent this, release air pressure inside the mug—by unscrewing the lid—before connecting the straw.

Stay as upright as possible when swallowing

Because of the risk of choking or aspiration, individuals using Fleximug in bed should be positioned with their head as upright as possible. It is not recommended that you use Fleximug when lying flat in bed or in any other position that may impair your ability to swallow safely. Be careful when mounting Fleximug to a power chair in a reclining position. There is a small air vent in the top of the Lid that can leak if the mug is tilted past 30°-45°. ​The air vent is small so any leakage shouldn't be massive when reclining. You can stop any leaks by removing the straw (the mug is leak-proof with the straw detached). Oherwise, try positioning the Lid's air vent so it is located in the most elevated position possible when reclining. Fleximug works best in an upright position.​

Avoid biting or chewing the straw

Sometimes the mouth-end of the straw can become flattened due to repeated biting or chewing. If this happens, you can use scissors to cut down the length of the straw tip to expose the unchewed area. The translucent LLDPE interior straw runs all the way through the black flexible couplers and is permanently attached to the straw base, so, unfortunately, replacing just the straw "tip" is not an option. Instead of repeatedly ordering replacement straws, try cutting off the entire straw tip, so that only the hard plastic nozzle is exposed—as shown the images below.


I'm having trouble connecting the straw. What do I do?

There are a few ways to solve this problem. First, check the O-Ring located at the top of the Lid for heat expansion or damage. Sometimes the O-Ring can expand when cleaned using high temperature dishwashers. Replacement O-Rings are easy to fix and are included with the Lid Assembly.

Next, make sure the top of the lid is kept clean, especially the connection between the lid and straw. Sugary beverages can make the connection sticky, leading to difficulty in attaching or detaching the straw. To prevent this issue, we recommend that you use Fleximug with water only, or rinse / clean the lid and straw thoroughly on a regular basis.

Finally, make sure the hex nut at the bottom of the lid assembly is fully tightened— as shown below. You may need an adjustable wrench to do this. If the hex nut is not tightened securely, the mug will not work properly. **Note: Fleximug models purchased after January 2017 include a food-grade threadlocker in the hex nut to help keep it permanently secured; if the hex nut is already tight and/or difficult to adjust, do not attempt to loosen or tighten it further or you will risk breaking the threadlocked seal.

How to use the Fleximug straw:

How to attach and detach the Fleximug straw:

To connect the flexible straw, push the straw down onto the lid until you hear an audible "click". Note: the grey plastic "cap" located at the base of the straw must be pushed in before connecting the straw to the Lid. The push-to-connect design makes the straws easy to clean and interchangeable. To disconnect, first press in the square cap located at the base of the straw to release, then pull up gently.

I'm having a problem with air leakage. What should I do?

First, make sure the stainless steel hex nut located at the bottom of the Lid is tightened securely, as shown previously here. Note: Lids purchased after January 2017 include a food-grade threadlocker to help keep the hex nut permanently secured. Do not attempt to break the threadlocked seal if the hex nut is already tight.

Next, check the bottom of the straw to make sure the interior 1/4" straw has not become dislodged from the white straw base ("MNPT Coupler"). The Interior Straw, MNPT Coupler, and Cap should all appear exactly as in the following image. If the Interior Straw has become dislodged from the straw base, this can cause an issue with air leakage:

  • Make sure the Buna-N/nitrile O-Ring is properly installed at the top of the Lid, as shown here.
  • Make sure the rectangular plastic Cap is installed correctly at the base of the straw, as shown here.
  • Ensure you are familiar with how to attach/detach the Fleximug straw, as shown in the these videos. Note: the grey plastic Cap located at the base of the straw must be pushed in before connecting the straw to the Lid.

The Lid is not working correctly. What should I do?

1. Push back internal spring to open airway

Push back the internal spring located on the underside of the Lid using a sharp-tipped object (such as a paperclip). Keep the spring pushed back inside the vent cavity to ensure air flows freely, which makes drinking easier.

2. 'Snap' air vent to help remove clogs

Push down on the spring-backed plunger located at the top of the Lid using a thin-tipped object (such as a pen cap) to ensure the spring recoils properly. Allow the plunger tip to ‘snap’ up quickly several times to help dislodge any debris.

3. Check for debris in top filter

Remove any debris from the mesh filter located at the top of the Lid using running water and soap. Push down on the white tip of the hose barb while running water to ensure the valve is open and water flows freely through the Lid.

4. Bend interior straw to keep airway open

Bend the mug interior straw to ensure it does not block the flow of fluid by making contact with the bottom of the mug. Bending the mug interior straw can also help make it easier to attach the Lid Assembly to the mug.

More details about how to unclog the Lid Assembly can be found here:

If you suspect something is wrong with your device, please contact the Fleximug team at

Installation Instructions

Lid Assembly

Note: these instructions only apply for orders of new/replacement Lid Assemblies. Regular Fleximug orders arrive ready to use and do not require any assembly.

1. If the interior straw on the new/replacement Lid Assembly is too long, you can cut the straw down to size with sharp scissors. Cut straw at a 45° angle for best results. Be careful not to cut too much – or the straw won’t reach the bottom of the mug. New Lid Assemblies include three (3) replacement interior straws.

2. If you need to replace the interior straw, first cut through the side of the old straw using a razor blade. Then disconnect the old straw from the white plastic hose barb.

3. To install a new interior straw, press the new straw firmly onto the white plastic hose barb located under the Lid.

How to attach the Fleximug lid:

Straw Cap

Straw caps should be installed as shown:

Flexistand Overbed Table

What is Flexistand made of?

Flexistand is formed from a single sheet of 1/4" thick #5052 aluminum.

What size mattress will Flexistand fit?

Flexistand will fit mattresses up to 14" deep. Overall Flexistand dimensions are 12"(D) x 10"(W) x 17"(H).

What is the maximum size mug that will fit inside the built-in cup holder?

Flexistand's built-in cupholder will hold mugs or cups up to three (3) inches in diameter. The included military-grade rubber grommet will protect your mug from scratches and dings.

Will the stand work on a hospital bed that has an air mattress?

Fleximug with 28" Straw and the Clamp-on Cupholder would be your best option in this case. The Flexistand Table is designed primarily for Home use– e.g. for standard sized (8-14") mattresses with flat baseboards. The clamp-on cupholder will work fine for most hospital beds as long as they have a vertical or horizontal bar to attach to. The cupholder fits circular or flat surfaces (like countertops) up to 1-3/4" diameter/thickness.

Clamp-on Cup Holder

Thank you for ordering the clamp-on cup holder.

Please take a few minutes to get to know your new cup holder. The Clamp-on Cup Holder is designed to hold Fleximug, but also works well with most 12-20 ounce cans, cups, travel mugs, and popular-sized water bottles, from ½-1 liter capacity.

Frequently asked questions about the cup holder:

• Where should I mount the cup holder?

The adjustable clamp is designed to fit ½” to 1-¾” diameter circular or oval parts – including wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, or just about anything with a tubular construction. For best results, mount to a vertical bar to prevent the cup holder from “rolling” downward under the weight of a full beverage. Don’t mount the cup holder on bent or tapered parts. Don’t over-tighten the clamp!

• What are the pieces of rubber and velcro for?

The rubber squares and 3M Dual Lock™ strips are provided to help increase friction on chrome or smooth surfaces. To install, place the rubber pieces or velcro strips inside the clamp before attaching to your wheelchair, walker, etc. The rubber pieces work well for most situations, but to fully prevent slippage, wrap a small (2”) piece of velcro around the tubing and attach two smaller (1”) pieces of velcro to the upper and lower jaws of the clamp. Black electrical tape or two-sided tape can also be used for a sturdy, non-slip installation and help keep the clamp from sliding once the cup holder is installed.

• Do I need tools to mount the cup holder?

The durable nylon cup holder is designed for installation with or without tools. The adjustable clamp comes ready for horizontal mounting. The clamp can be rotated 90 degrees on the cup holder for vertical mounting. Use the included 3mm hex / Allen wrench to rotate the clamp.

• How does the clamping device work?

The heavy-duty clamp can be opened or loosened by turning the hand-operated “cam-locking” lever to the left or counter clockwise. To close or tighten the clamp, turn the hand-operated cam-locking lever to the right or clockwise. To fully tighten the clamp, the cam-locking lever must be pushed down on the clamp. If you don’t have much hand strength, you can use padded pliers to turn and lock down the clamp. Be careful not to over-tighten — you only need to hold your coffee!

• Can I rotate the clamp on the cup holder?

The adjustable clamp comes ready for horizontal mounting. The clamp can be rotated 90 degrees on the cup holder for vertical mounting. Use the included 3mm hex / Allen wrench to rotate the clamp.

• Who should I contact if I have a question?

We can be reached by email at

How to mount the Clamp-On Cup Holder - Vertical bar with RUBBER inserts:

How to mount the Clamp-On Cup Holder - Horizontal bar with VELCRO inserts:

How to mount the Clamp-On Cup Holder - Horizontal bar with RUBBER inserts:

Clamp-on Tablet & Phone Support

Installation Instructions:

1. Adhere one side of the included velcro discs onto the clear support plate. Stick the opposite velcro side to the back of your phone or tablet.

2. Press your phone or tablet firmly onto the clear support plate, making sure the velcro pieces meet. Hold until secure. Tip: Add more velcro to support larger or heavier screens.

3. Spring clamp attaches easily to wheelchairs, desks, counter tops, or beds. Mount to round or flat surfaces up to 2 inches thick.

Will the tablet holder hold an iPad?

The Clamp-on Tablet Support can hold an iPad Mini (7.9" screen) or a regular iPad (9.7" screen). The Tablet Support is not recommended for larger format iPads like the iPad​ Pro (10.5" or 12.9"). Tablets and Smartphones are held securely onto the support with two pieces of adhesive-backed velcro. It's possible to add more velcro pieces to the support for larger/heavier screens.

Mounting Examples

Mounting Examples for Clamp-on Tablet & Phone Support

Who should I contact if I have a question?

If you have any questions that were not covered on this FAQ page, please send us an email at